About Us

Erik Becker our owner and founder started Tortoise Conservation MN to bring an educated experience to Minnesota and beyond.  Erik started his reptile love back when he was just 5 years old.  He had western painted turtles come through his yard growing up.  He would grab one walking by and he would examine the turtle, pulled leaches off of them, and place them back into the nearest pond.  A few years later he would go to the local library to research turtles to learn more.  Through reading he found that turtles were becoming endangered around the world.  Although the research available was limited at his local library, the point was still clear.  Erik wanted to help turtles any way he could.  By bringing awareness to his neighborhood he was known as the "turtle kid" to most.  He found a passion for caring for reptiles early on.  Other then turtles, Erik had Uromastyx and Bearded Dragons as his first store bought pets. He found there was a huge gap in knowledge when it came to exotic species.  He made a few novice errors years ago by listening to a inexperienced retail associate.  After learning what he was doing was wrong he felt the need to grow further and expand knowledge on conservation efforts, proper husbandry, proper habitats, and proper diets.  Living in Minnesota brings more challenges to keeping reptiles outdoors.  Erik spent years coming up with better, and better enclosures to fit his reptiles needs in a indoor setting.  Through networking and building relationships, he worked with Kenan Harkin, and Chris Leone, to learn as much as he could about endangered turtles & tortoises.  Tortoise Conservation MN has had a main focus on tortoise conservation over the years, however we care for a variety of reptiles.  The reptiles we care for are bred at our local facilities and are available for sale as "CB" on our Reptiles For Sale page. If "CB" is not listed then we have cared for the listed reptile and are looking to change our breeding groups.  Tortoise Conservation MN has also worked with other reputable breeders and has acquired reptiles through trade or donation.  These reptiles sometimes become available for sale depending on future breeding projects or space constraints. Tortoise Conservation MN welcomes any questions via email or phone in regards to available reptiles.